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Laukku, Tote Bag
Laukku, Tote Bag
Laukku, Tote Bag
Laukku, Tote Bag
63,00 €

Laukku, Tote Bag, The Joinery

`Do something - anything`-laukku.

Huovan oloinen 100% kierrätetyistä muovipulloista valmistettu harmaa laukku, jossa puuvillaiset mustat olkaimet. Laukun koko on 35 x 40cm ja sen sisään mahtuu esimerkiksi kannettava tietokone ja A4-papereita. Laukun valmistukseen käytetään viisi muovipulloa.

Valmistaja: The Joinery, Etelä-Afrikka



Ethical consciousness is at the heart of everything The Joinery does. We believe in being kind to the planet and fair to our people.

The Joinery is a sustainable lifestyle brand. We pride ourselves in designing and producing bespoke sustainable products and ethical fashion and accessories, all the while striving for a high-end design aesthetic with an African conscience.

We are proudly conceptualising bespoke responsible fabrics made form 100% recycled plastic bottles. Saving plastic from landfill allows us to create beautiful, upcycled products and apparel. We work with suppliers that share our commitment to the environment by supporting practices that reduce their carbon footprint, opting for carbon-neutral or carbon-negative materials wherever possible.

We see ourselves as pioneers in the sustainable product and fashion design arena and are winners of the 2017 PETCO awards for ‘Best Product using recycled PET’ as well as recent winners of the Eco Logic Awards for ‘Eco Innovation’.

Our name says it all… Join us on our journey to create a sustainable lifestyle.
Work. Dress. Live sustainably. Our manifesto is Do Something. Anything…

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